Welcome to SUN-PAC Manufacturing, Inc.

Sun-Pac Manufacturing Inc. continues to be a dominant force in the development and custom contract manufacturing of vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations and other dietary supplements. Since its inception as a contract manufacturer in the year 2000, Sun-Pac has invested in state of the art equipment which is supported by a team of trained staff members insuring efficiencies are maintained during the production process. The company has adapted to the ever changing research studies, government regulations and to our customers need for the development and introduction of cutting edge products to the marketplace.


Sun-Pac Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to total customer satisfaction through:

  • Providing superior products and services

  • Manufacturing in accordance with applicable regulations, requirements, specifications, and procedures.

  • Maintaining an effective quality system through continual improvement of materials, processes, training and products.

Sun-Pac Manufacturing understands the importance of just-in-time inventory systems and how delivering products on time can make the difference for our customers. The company has streamlined its processes to accommodate the needs of our customers while maintaining checks and balances to ensure quality is never compromised.

We welcome our customers to visit our facility so they too can appreciate the level of training and commitment that goes into every step of our production process.