Quality Department

Sun-Pac Manufacturing, Inc. maintains a strict quality assurance program ensuring that all products are manufactured in accordance with today’s FDA regulations. Sun-Pac understands and complies with these requirements so that all products meet safety, efficacy, purity, and stability standards giving our clients piece of mind. Sun-Pac welcomes regular third party audits to our facility which evaluates our cGMP compliance and quality programs in the following areas:

  • Personnel
  • Sanitation
  • Production and Process Controls
  • Post-Distribution Practice
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Equipment
  • Warehouse
  • Grounds
  • Quality Operations
  • Distribution

Sun-Pac relies on these audits to measure efficiencies in each area of production while establishing systems which will then translate into the companies SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures). Sun-Pac has written Standard Operating Procedures for all areas of production to ensure that each task is arranged consistently every time it is performed. Conducting employee training programs provide an understanding to the staff of these written procedures so that each department can perform in an educated and quality manner.